Location: New Taipei city, Taiwan  台灣 新北
Typology:  Residential
Size: 178m²
Status: Built

This house near Bitan in Xindian features an idyllic view from the window: a beautiful scene of dark green waters and emerald green mountains.

Still, the warmest and most beautiful aspect of this scene is the everyday lives of the family who lives there. The design concept incorporates the sparkling surface of Bitan's water as a primary spatial element, and through precise angles and intersections set at different heights, the ceiling is a system of fluctuation composed of variously sized triangular panels.

There is a fixed space that separates each seemingly irregular triangular piece, allowing light fixtures to shine through the gaps and illuminate the room in the same way rays of light pierce through clouds. This makes for a unique scene in the home, and it allows for unique experiences of light and shadow to be had in every corner of the house.

The triangular panel ceiling system covers the commonly used areas of the house, from the foyer, to the living room, dining room, and bar, creating a free and flowing scene that is accented by the solid presence of the dark-panelled, built-in cabinets that line the walls. With white polished stone floors that seem to be topped with a thin layer of water, the white undulating ceilings give the appearance of clouds in the sky. And just as the surface of a lake mirrors the sun above, so the floor and ceiling, from their own respective angles, give off quiet reflections of the life that moves through the house.

Cast upon the ceiling and floor, a liquid layer of light and a reflection of life.


住家緊鄰新店碧潭, 碧綠的水景與翠綠的山景是住家出窗外最美麗的風景.

家中最溫度最美麗的畫面則是家中的成員與日常的生活. 設計想法上以碧潭波光粼粼的水面作為詮釋生活的主要空間元素. 透過精準的投射以及高低起伏的交匯點, 聯結形成一片一片大小不一, 起伏波動的三角形天花系統.

每片看似不規則的三角面之間都有著固定的縫隙, 讓人造的光線可以在縫隙中透出, 像是雲朵內透出的光, 成為家中的獨特景色. 而一片片微微反光的天花板, 在室內型塑出一幅動態的三角光景. 讓家中每個角落體驗到的都是獨特的光影與場景.

三角折板的天花系統, 含蓋著生活中的公共領域例如玄關, 客廳, 餐廳與吧檯, 透過穩重的深咖啡櫃體牆面, 在室內圍塑出一片自由而流暢的生活場景. 白色波動起伏的天花板, 像是室內的一片雲朵和天空, 而白色拋光的石材地面, 則像是室內的一幅水面. 如同湖水面映射天空中的陽光一般, 天花與地面則各自透過不同的角度, 靜靜的映射與記錄著一家人的生活.

天花與地板上的映射著的, 是水面的光影, 也是生活的倒影